Thursday, January 22, 2015

Programming note: Forensic Fridays

To my esteemed readers: thanks for all your interest during fall 2014! As you may have noticed, the Forensic Fridays came to a pause after the long, long series on "mental disorder is a cause of crime".

For the moment, I have to put my time to other tasks than continuing updating the blog on a weekly basis. Forensic Fridays will therefore be on hiatus for some time. I will come back with new plans later this spring semester - if there is nothing newsworthy that merits an occasional post in the series, in Swedish or in the occasional Dilettantischer Dienstag series!

Jordan B Peterson: anteckningar 2018

Bakgrund Personen Jordan B Peterson behöver ingen närmare presentation. Han är född 1962 i nordvästra Canada, uppvuxen som son till lärare...